Feb. 22, 2017

To Whom It May Concerrn:

It is without hesitation that I recommend Helios Solar Energy and E2/ECTA for solar installation...see complete details.


Steve Izzo, LNHA MPH
Inglemoor Rehabilitation & Care Center

June 19, 2014

Mr. Josh Lewin

150 West End Ave.
Suite 8
Somerville, NJ 08876

Dear Josh,

I hope this note finds you well.

I'm writing to tell you of the complete satisfaction I feel after installing my solar system for my above ground pool. As you may remember, you installed the solar system in August of 2013. As excited as I was to "test it out", it rained almost every weekend thereafter. Then by Labor Day, we had closed up the pool, so I never got a chance to see if it "really worked". This was very disappointing to me because it meant I had to wait until the following summer to test it again. My neighbors would even ask me how it worked and I could not tell them.

Well, that all changed this season. I opened my pool the week before Memorial Day. On the Saturday of Memorial weekend, I turned on the system at about 8 am. The pool water temperature was 68 degrees. At about 3 pm I checked the temperature again and it had climbed to about 75 degrees. I was delighted. The water shooting out of the jet was also warm. Again, very excited.

This week has been brutal, high humidity and high temperatures. I left the solar system on during the night, something which I don't usually do because I know it can cool the water down. However, since my attic fan was going strong, I thought what the heck. Yesterday, I got home from work and the pool water was 89 degrees. Wow!!! What a joy for me, as I like the pool water to be somewhat like a warm bath. Anyway, I jumped into my bathing suit and swam for 2 hours. Forget dinner, I was enjoying myself!

So, I am writing to tell you that, yes, the solar system does its job and it does it wonderfully. I am so glad I went ahead and had this system installed. It's gotten me out of the house and into the pool more than any time in the 8 years that I've had it. Thank you for a great product and a great job.

All the best,



I was informed when I arrived this morning by Josh that there was a mishap moving blocks that damaged a small area of the roof. He took me up there, showed it to me and explained what happened. Carlisle has been contacted by him and arrangements have been made for a permanent repair. It was an accident and as far as I am concened it was handled exactly as it should have been by Josh reaching out for me immediately after it happened.

It is refreshing to deal with people that are this up front and responsible.

Thank you,


Bill Goode
Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds - C.E.F.M.
Little Ferry Board of Education
130 Libery St.
Little Ferry, NJ 07643
201-641-6192 Ext. 1605

We were very happy and satisfied with Helios Solar Energy. They installed a 9 KWH roof mounted system and a solar pool heating system for us. We interviewed four companies before deciding on Helios. Josh Lewin is very knowledgeable and easy going. He never tried to push us. He gave us good advice and a competitive price. The job was on schedule and completed quickly. The workers were very courteous and neat. When the job was done, everything was cleaned up perfectly. It was obvious that the owner and his crew take great pride in their work and product they install. It was a very pleasant experience. Josh is always available for questions and advice. He is attentive to every concern that I had. The system looks great, works great, and has increased the value of my home incredibly. With the savings on my electric bill and the income from the SREC's, our system will be paid off in less than four years. Our Helios installed system will then be generating an annual income for us in the thousands, I highly recommend Helios. Thanks for everything Josh.

Ed & Michele DeFilippis
Bridgewater, NJ

Joan G. Geiger
Attorney at Law and Mediator
1275 Mt. Horeb Road
Martinsville New Jersey 08836
FAX (908) 526-1617
(908) 526-5896

To Whom it May Concern:

We are very happy with our Helios Solar Energy System for hot water. It has greatly increased our hot water capacity and we are happy with our lower energy bills.
We were impressed with Josh Lewin's honesty, knowledge and personable nature.
We recommend Helios Solar Energy to anyone who desires to "go green" and reduce their energy bills.

Very truly yours,
Joan G. Geiger

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