We are a proud NJ based licensed solar company with over a decade of experience in helping our clients maximize the benefits of solar energy. At Helios, our clients achieve an average of a 2-3 year ROI by implementing the cost, tax and financial solar benefits for their businesses/properties. Each property owner may have different business needs so we customize our business model for each individual client. To see if Helios can help improve your bottom line, please contact us at 908 526.0081.

Recent Projects

First project

Project 1 - 230kwh

Second project

Project 2 - 250kwh

Third project

Project 3 - 400kwh

Our Services

Commercial/Public Construction

Solar applications for commercial or public construction can reduce energy costs significantly and help in peak consumption hours.

Residential Solar

Solar collectors are aesthetically pleasing, as well as reliable, durable and long-lasting.

Solar Pool Heating

Simple and maintenance free, Solar pool heating is also the fastest return on your investment you can purchase.

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